If your Pump.io server is identi.ca…

…remember the Pump network is much more than that! 😉

Lots of things changed when identi.ca migrated from the StatusNet system to the Pump.io system.

Among others:

  • Pump.io is not microblogging. You can post very long texts, with some formatting and line breaks. Well, like this one! You can post short text if you wish, of course. Also, you don’t need shortened URL’s, and you can make pretty links.
  • You can follow people from any other public Pump.io server, like microca.st, hotpump.net, fmrl.me, pump.jpope.org, etc.
  • If you use the web interface, when you create new posts, they are not public by default. If you want to make a public post (currently recommended due to some issues), you’ll have to add “Public” to the “To:” field. Try to make at least one public post, so people who see your profile can see you’re active before trying to follow you.
  • You can use several external web services with your account, like hip2.it, pump2status.net, or the “proof of concept” game, OpenFarmGame, to name a few.
  • You can upload pictures, audio, video and other files in your posts, though the officially “supported everywhere” attachments are pictures, for now.
  • There are already several pump.io applications (clients), for PC or mobile devices that can do more than what the web interface can at this point. We seriously recommend checking them out: Clients List.
  • You can check out a “public timeline” at hubub.e43.eu , hubub.polari.us and equivalent sites, or from a client that supports it.
  • If your account was used for some sort of entity, like a free software project or organization, you can take advantage of tools like Spigot, to post to Pump automatically from your RSS feed, or PumpTweet, to automatically send your Pump.io posts to Twitter.

If you have any doubts about any of these points, feel free to ask. You could also check out the Pump.io User Guide.

This list was originally posted as a note on Pump.io, and was modified a few times, and might be modified again, because yes, you can edit your posts and comments in Pump.io, as many times as you want! =)